Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Birthday Boy!

Hard to believe that our Mater Tater or Mason is 4 years old today.  He is "hammin it up" of course.  He could be a bit angry that he is having to "share" his birthday party with his sisters this weekend; for all of you parents that do not have only children, ya'll know how that goes!!! 

Speaking of Birthday parties, I got the "dog" cake ordered from "Three Dog Bakery" this week, as well as the "human" ice cream cake ordered from "DQ".  Let's suffice it to say that there are probably two very amused ladies out there in the world right now.  I told the lady at "Three Dog Bakery" I needed the "big bone" cake because I had 4 pugs that would be eating it, to which she responded "Oh honey, you are going to have a lot left over" to which I responded "Oh we do this every year, and there is NONE left over!"  She said "Are you sure?"  I said "Yes, and we have a yorkie that comes to help."  She then says "Oh Okay" as if the yorkie, who is half the size of my smallest pug, made that big of a difference!!  This lady must not have been familiar with the appetites of pugs.

The call to "DQ" did not get any better.  I told the lady I wanted the cake to say "Happy Birthday" and to put a dog bone on it, to which she responded "IS THIS FOR A DOG?!?!"  I said "yes" without realizing she probably thought I was feeding the cake to my dogs, as well as not realizing she thought I wanted her to put an actual bone on the cake, rather than to draw one on it.  G-man was cracking up the whole time, and thankfully he reminded me to clarify for the lady- so that we would not be wiping dog biscuit crumbs off of a "human" cake!! 

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