Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take Your Pick!

Here is a list of pugs who desperately need loving foster parents right now.  Some of these dogs have been without foster parents and in shelters or boarded in kennels for weeks now.  Please search your own heart and life and consider whether there's any room at all for a loving pug in your home for a temporary period of time right now.  You'll be happy you did!

Cosmo is currently in a shelter and needs to moved ASAP. He is estimated to be between 8-10 years old....he was picked up as a stray. He is not yet neutered. We have limited information on Cosmo, since he is in a shelter. We need a foster home for him ASAP!

Wally is a round, plump little fellow. He loves everybody and gets along great with other dogs. He is also very good with kids. He enjoys being held and petted. (He also really loves his food!) He is fawn, 8 years old, and already neutered. He was dropped at a shelter by his owner. It sounds like Wally would fit beautifully into any home. Is there room in yours? Wally is currently in a shelter.

Just like "Oliver Twist", this little orphan needs to find a stable, loving home. He appears to have been abused in his past because he exhibits a quirky self-punishing behavior. He basically disciplines himself when he does something wrong by running to his kennel, but then he shows fear based aggression by growling from his kennel when others come near it, but he hasn't ever hurt anyone or gotten out of line. He has been described as a very sweet pug with a timid disposition. While Oliver was recently rescued and taken in by a friendly couple his good fortune turned out not to be permanent. He is neutered, but has been wearing a belly band because he does like to mark sometimes (of course he is currently in a home with two unaltered animals so this is surely having an impact on his behavior). He was found wandering the streets in another state and moved to KY with his current owners, but the other animals in the home are not getting along with him and since they were there first he is being sent to us. Surely we can all work together to find him a wonderful temporary home until his forever family and happily ever after is found. Oliver is thought to be around 4-5 years old and is a fawn male pug

Artie has had a rough life. He is currently in foster care, but we need to move him to another foster home. He needs to be where someone can give him more attention, including medicated baths. When he came to KPR, he was missing fur and had open sores on his body. He is now crate trained, he plays, he's learning to sit, stay and walk on a leash. He's only had one accident in the house since we started crate training but iwas not his fault. Thankfully he was socialized. He's great with kids, with another pug and even chickens.

Frankie still needs a foster home. He is estimated to be 10 plus and has some health issues, including an enlarged heart. Frankie has had a rough life, spending most of it outside. He needs a loving foster home. Can you provide the home he deserves?

Remember.. All you need to do is go to and fill out a foster application to get approved.  You choose if you foster and which pug you foster!  No obligations to at least get your name on the list and signed up as being able to foster... What if the perfect pug came through for you?  Please remember our soldiers today, as well as those that lost their lives today 9 years ago

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  1. hi Jet,
    I've been following your blog, however just got you put on "blogs I love to follow" list. My blog is a mess right now, however I'm working on it. Good luck with your endevor of finding pups a home.