Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Small Example of how YOU can help....

I've attached a recent email sent from a Kentuckiana Pug Rescue volunteer:

"We all know the economy is taking a toll on people..but did you realize how it impacts animals as well?  Shelters, Rescues and Humane Societies are OVERFLOWING with animals discarded and abandoned as a result of families unable to continue to provide care for their pets.

This trickle down effect has also impacted the previous generosity of Companies donating products, items and gift cards to KPR to utilize as raffle items.  Our next event is PUGtoberfest on OCT 9th in Shepherdsville KY and we are asking if you are willing to donate items or gift cards we can use for raffles. If you are willing to send a gift card most will be used to purchase items to use for raffles. If you are willing to make a raffle basket or donate individual items, please bring them to the Event on Oct 9th.

Also, again, I would like to remind you of KPR's urgent need for FOSTER HOMES!!!!! As stated above, we have so many Pugs in Foster Care and more coming in every day. Currently we have at least 5 Pugs waiting to come into KPR but we don't have anyone willing to foster.

IF You have never fostered for us but would like to, please complete the Foster Application on our website"

Now I don't know if any of you reading this have ever been to a pug event, such as the PUGtober Fest listed above, but I'm tellin' ya: pug owners and lovers sure know how to have a good time!!!  These events are a fun and fabulous way of helping out the rescue and possibly contributing to more pugs and pug mixes finding forever homes.  The cool thing about these events is that EVERYONE and EVERY BREED is invited.  Don't have a pug?  That's fine!!  KPR and KPR events doesn't discriminate!  I have attended 6 of these events in the past, and have seen everything from a Jack Russel to a Beagle to a Mutt present!  Plus, the raffle gift bags, as also mentioned above are full of great gift items for YOU and YOUR PET.  Yes.  I did say your pet, meaning ANY pet!!!  There are cat gift bags, dog gift bags, human gift bags.  Some have treats.  Some have toys.  Some have actual pet food.  Some have actual pet beds.  Some have pet clothes.  Some even have toys for kids!  And you get to pick which gift bag and prize drawings you want to be entered into by dropping your tickets into the appropriate bag. 

All proceeds from the raffle(s) and most other activities at the event go to KPR.  There are usually around 50 gift bag/prize drawings, as well as fun contests you can enter your pet into while at the event.  I have won 5 of these gift bags in the past, and won 3 at Pugapooloza alone back in June of this year.  I have attached pictures to this post of gift bags I have won in the past, with my trio of pugs present to claim their winnings of course!  They were so happy to have momma bring them home more things they probably didn't really need, but it was all in good fun and I hope to see you at this year's PUGtober FEST October 9th in Shepherdsville, Ky.  Which gift bag will you be bringing home?

Also, if you are interested in donating items and/or giftcards for this years' raffle prizes, just comment to this post and let me know and I'll arrange a way to get those from you and to the rescue or a way for you to directly send to rescue.  As stated above, you can also make an actual gift basket and just bring it with you to the event or I can take it with me.  Have a wonderful afternoon!   


  1. The pics of Mason, Lily and Wrigley are so cute! waiting for their raffle baskets...they are so excited! I would love to help out by donating something for raffles!

  2. We have already discussed the raffles, but I wanted to let you know that I'm definately in and can't wait to get the baskets ready for the raffles! I'm always up for some shopping!

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