Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here Comes the Bride.... and Groom

Thinking about the upcoming PUGtober Fest causes me to reminisce on how mine and G-man's involvement with KPR first began.  It was May of 2007.  We had had Mason for around 7 months and Lily for about 5 months.  Even though they were great for us, after frantically barking at every dog they saw when we took them outside for "potty time", we decided it was time for them to brush up on their social skills and learn some polite and respectful etiquette by providing some outside stimulation and interaction with other fellow pugs, and what better way to do that than attend KPR's annual Pugapooloza!!!

Ya know I don't mean to brag or anything, but momma and dadda were sure proud of their pugs that day.  Not only did Mason WIN the most honorable title of and take first place in the "Best Kisser" contest (i.e. awarded to the dog that licked their owner's face the longest- did I forget to mention that "pug people" are a little eccentric like that?), but he also WON first place in the pug races, closely followed by his sissy Lily coming in for 2nd place.  Mason and lily also came as a bride and groom, and won first place in the "Best Costume" contest.  No we didn't tell others that they were really brother and sister.  I mean did we really want to live up to the stereotype that others already give to those who live in Kentucky??!!  I've attached pictures of the comical duo in their wedding gear.

This was one bride that clearly did NOT want a kiss.. or at least not one for the camera!
I am sad to report that Mason can no longer fit his tuxedo
Nor can Lily fit her wedding dress...
I will go on and say that at Pugapoolza 2009 Mason decided to be a bit stubborn and assert his free will not to participate in the "Best Kisser" contest.  He wouldn't lick G-man's face even once!  I guess he's gotten a bit lazy in his older years!

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  1. Aunt Bird & Levi loves Mason, Wrigley & Lily very much!! Keep up the good work Jetty!! The post are great!