Saturday, September 4, 2010

Frantic Friday Furry Antics

So.... last night Mason, Lily, & Wrigley's friend, Levi, decided to come over with his momma, Aunt Bird, for a visit.  As you can tell if you have taken the time to read the post titled "Levi's Story" our pugs enjoy time spent with cousin Levi.  After several hours of observation on the part of Aunt Bird and myself, several truths have been revealed, as well as several questions raised for discussion/pondering.  Please feel free to comment and contribute you own wealth of knowledge in the area of dog behavior where you see fit:

1) Upon arrival, when Lily pats excitedly and repeatedly at Levi's face to the point of almost blinding him at the same time her tail is wagging and flapping uncontrollably, does that mean she's excited to see him or wants to hurt and/or "size him up"??  I'm goin' go with "excited" on this one, considering the fact that right after she would do it, she would hunch to the ground and start darting and running in circles, inviting Levi to chase her

2) Levi and Mason have obviously developed a certain fondness of one another that would seriously cause one to call into question their sexual orientation of preference.  This fondness includes sniffing each others privates for long periods of time, laying belly up beside each other, licking each others' faces, and even sticking each others' entire heads into each others' mouths, all in turn-taking fasion of course.  This fondness, however, has a very limited tolerance threshold, one that can easily and quickly be crossed if Levi comes too close to G-man or myself.  We witnessed the results of that ourselves last night when a free-for-all brawl between all of the dogs erupted immediately following Mason snapping at Levi after Levi attempted to be petted by Mason's daddy, G-man.  The solution: one dog per one human's hold, minus Wrigley (she's the "good" dog).

3)  Wrigley does not like to be humped, or at least not by Levi.  This is an absolute statement.  No guessing required here.  I easily arrived at this conclusion by watching Wrigley cling to my side, cry, and run from Levi immediately following each mounting attempt initiated by Levi.

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