Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Fall Festival of Pugs

Boy I tell ya... It sure is the month for pugs!!!  Our annual Pug Birthday party was this past Saturday, October 2nd; Miss Lily's 4th birthday is coming up October 8th; and the annual PugTober Fest is this upcoming Saturday, October 9th in Shepherdsville, Ky.  I've attached some pictures of the birthday party, which as you can probably tell, was a blast!!  The pugs had so much fun eating their birthday cake, but not as much fun as the humans had eating and getting together for fellowship!  I would like to thank Mama Red and Aunt B for taking and providing the calendar-worthy pug pictures shown here!!  Our babies sure are hams!!  And little Levi the yorkie obviously gets confused about what breed he actually is, but that's okay because the pugs accept him as one of their own!!

Hope you all have marked your calendars to come out to the PugTober Fest @ Paroquet Springs Conference Center right off I-65 Shepherdsville exit this Saturday, Oct 9th from 9:00 to 4:00.  It's a fun event, and a great way to show your support to KPR and animal rescue in general!  Don't forget to bring your furry friend.  Also, KPR is getting new dogs in daily that need adopting and/or fostering.  These dogs find their way to KPR through no fault of their own.  Their owners simply decided to stop loving them.  How sad is that?  But how happy is it to know that YOU could be the one to make a difference in these pugs' lives?  If you have questions about adopting and/or fostering, you can comment to this post and/or go to and find the appropriate information there.  You can also view the pugs currently available for adoption, but you can only view available dogs for fostering if you are an APPROVED foster parent.  At no obligation to you, you can simply fill out the fostering application and become approved, and then you receive emails announcing a new dog's availabiliy for fostering.  You get to decide whether that dog interests you or not to foster before you commit to fostering.  It's a great way to be selective in the dogs you choose to foster.  You can also help KPR out by donating, which you can also find a link for @ I hope you have a great day and hope to see you this Saturday!!!!   

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