Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrapped in a Pretty Red Bow

3 Great Reasons to become a KPR Foster Parent NOW!!!!!!!  You can sensor the pugs you choose to foster!  Here are a few available right now........  Go to KPR website to sign up as a foster parent @ http://www.kentuckianapugs.com/

"The first one is a 6 month old fawn female named Jennifer. UTD on vaccines except needs one more; not spayed.  Owner bought her at a flea market at 8 wks old with her litter mate. Reason for surrender: Too much trouble to train 2 pugs; she is keeping the other 6 mo old.  No microchip; on hw preventative; no health issues; not housebroken, is kennel trained; good w/dogs; not sure about kids or cats"

"The second one was found as a stray, so I don't know much of his story. I am guessing him to be 1-3 years old. He does not appear to be housebroken, but he does crate OK. He is a good dog, but he is sensitive to corrections. He seems to be very nervous when corrected until he realizes that you are not disapproving of him but of his actions (i.e., pottying in the house). This guys is located in a shelter and needs to be moved ASAP. His picture is attatched as shelterpug."

"The third puggie is an owner surrender due to a death in the family. He is spoiled and loved. He needs to be right with his humans. He sits right next to either myself or the kids at all times. He sleeps with either myself or the kids but he is kennel trained. He is happy in his kennel as long as he gets a little treat when we come home. I have all of his medical records since birth. Jack is seven years old. He is wonderful with everybody. He likes men, women, children and other dogs. He has never been around cats. I would never get a cat because I was afraid it would scratch his eyes.Jack is a bit bigger than a regular sized pug although he is full blood pug. He absolutely loves to play fetch with his stuffed animals. He is the most perfect little guy you would ever want to meet. (he likes garbage though. You have to keep that picked up.) His picture is attached as Jack
Please let me know if you can help any of these babies."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Price Reductions... WHOOHOOO!!!

This is an email I received from the KPR adoption coordinator.....

Are you looking for a pug to add to your family? I have had a lot of requets recently for specific ages and specific genders. I wanted to make you aware of some dogs who are looking for adoptive homes!

Juno is a 5 year old female Bugg. She is a boston terrier and pug mix= Bugg. Juno's adoption fee is $125

James Dean is a 3 month old Pug and Boston Terrier. He is 3/4  Pug and 1/4 Boston. James Dean's adoption fee is $175

Jake is a 14 month old male pug mix. He looks mostly like a pug, but you can tell by looking at him that he is not 100% full blooded pug. Jake's adoption fee is $125. In the pic attached, Jake is the larger, more apricot colored pug on the left.

Please let me know if you are interested in adopting any of the above mentioned pug mixes.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photogenic Pugs

Had family pictures taken recently- thanks to Aunt Bird!  Couldn't resist the opportunity to show off my babies some more!