Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Samaritans

Today I was reminded of the joy found in making a difference in an animal's life.  My husband's grandfather was recently given a new puppy.  G-man's grandfather is older and not in the greatest of health; therefore, this new puppy had been left in a small crate for a long period of time to the point in which the dog was sitting in and covered in his own feces and urine and food.  He was scared, whimpering, crying, and stinking!  My heart was broken. 

Seeing this terrified little creature caused me to reflect on what it must be like for all the pugs and other stray dogs when they are left and/or abandoned by their owners for simply no reason.... Or when owners no longer have the resources or time or means in which to properly care for their pets, and rather than do the honorable thing and find them a loving and decent home in which the animal will be properly cared for, they continue to take on a responsibility they can't manage while the animal suffers and is deprived of love it could find elsewhere if given the chance.

Of course my husband and I couldn't leave the dog in that condition.  We got a 15x15 chain length, gated kennel and gave the puppy a permanent vacation from that 1x1 crate.  We also gave him a complete and thorough bath, complete with shampoo!!  He sure looked nice all cleaned up.  We also made sure to give him plenty of attention before leaving.  Now that he has a home big enough to roam around in throughout the day, he will be fine.  He is a farm dog, so as soon as he's a little bigger he will be let out of the kennel for free range of about 500+ acres of farmland.  Being fed properly was never an issue, as he had plenty of food and milk when we got there and when we left. 

The sense of satisfaction and happiness obtained from such a small gesture that only required a little bit of time is unexplainable.  I hope you will read this and consider helping out at a local animal shelter or rescue.  All animals need a little time and TLC.  Even if it's just for 20 minutes- that might be the only 20 minutes of affection that dog receives in an entire day.  Next time you see an animal out, stop to pet it.  I promise it will make you smile!  Have a wonderful Sunday evening! 

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