Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pennies for the Puggies!

I just received this email from the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.  Please read and consider helping out in some way.  We are talking about SIX puggy lives the rescue was able to save today and hopefully give these poor babies who have been made into walking breeder pugs their whole lives a few good years of happiness and feelings of love that only come from human affection and attention.  They deserve it.  They have had a total of 2-4 hours a day outside a crate for the last month!  That's 22 hours a day being couped up in a box barely bigger than their own lil bodies!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. IF you can't foster one of these babies, consider donating.  No matter how small the amount, every little bit will help.  There is an easy link to follow if you feel it on your heart to donate... With tax season coming up, you can use your donation as a write-off!  NO ONE can do EVERYTHING, but EVERYONE can do SOMETHING 
"We just rescued six fawn pugs ages 10-12 that have been kept in a garage for at least the past three years! They are three males three females and only one is fixed. The garage they stay in only gets "heated" to about 40-45 degrees. They supposedly had blankets to keep them warm but when we were there all that was in their cages was newspaper.

These pugs were used a breeding pairs untill about 3 years ago when their owner got sick. She was in and out of the hospital for years untill she passed Christmas eve. The only person these pugs have seen for the last month is thier caregiver who stops by for 2-4 hours every day to let them out then they go back into the crates!!!

Maggie was in the house with a sweet little wiener dog and she is the only one who is fixed. She does have some stiffness in her back end that makes walking difficult but she can walk.

Oscar is the pug who was kept by himself becuase he "picked on" the other males, but that could be partly because he is blind.
One of the other female is also probably blind.

If you can foster any of these babies please let us know.

The cost for vaccinating, testing and fixing these pugs could easily be 1000 and that doesnt even cover costs for any additional medical issues that come up. If you are unable to foster please consider donating to cover the medical costs for these babies

You can donate here: