Friday, October 29, 2010

Good as Gold

A recent email from KPR states an amazing way and opportunity to help the rescue out without having to do much at all~~ Please read on for details...... This could help out tremendously!!
Is Your PUG as GOOD as GOLD to YOU??!!!!
We are sure the answer is YES!!!
As you all know KPR is in need of funds to continue providing medical care
for the 150-160 Foster Pugs in our Rescue. Additionally, we are trying to raise
money that will allow us to Re-open our doors to Pugs in need.
Here is a great way YOU can help!!! Go thru your jewelry box, dresser drawer
or dish on your dresser and see if there is ANY old jewelry you no longer want!
It does not matter if it is in need of repair it could still be potentially valuable!
Be sure to ask friends, family and co-workers!!
Another Man/Womans Junk Jewelry is Another PUGS medication, surgery and more!!!
If you have any items to donate, please send them to
PO Box 22697
Louisville, KY 40252-0697
A designated KPR Volunteer will then take the items to a "Cash For Gold" location
to sell and the proceeds will go back to the PUGS of KPR !!!
The Deadline for us to receive your items is Nov 30th.
Please look around..surely there is something you no longer need, want or wear!!
if you are interested please go to our website to complete
a Foster Application!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Sad Day for this Pug Lover

Included is a recent email I received from the rescue.  I feel helpless and hopeless, overwhelmingly sad and wanted to share...... PLEASE PLEASE consider doing one of the things listed at the bottom to help out the rescue, whether it's purchasing a board game or sweatshirt as a Christmas gift.. Please Please these pugs... If any of my friends or family are reading this and were planning on getting me a Christmas gift, please take that money and make a donation to the rescue as your gift to me.  
"In the past 2 years, KPR has "shut" the doors to incoming Pugs. Behind the scenes though, we still managed to find a place for the PUGS that came knocking at our Door.
We are NO LONGER able to do this. Our doors are SHUT. This is truly the most DIFFICULT decision this Board has ever is heartbreaking.
Lack of Foster Space and a severe shortage of Funds has forced us into this decision. We have a record number of Pugs in KPR...over 150

We have many who need medical care..Lazarus, found nearly dead,starved...pure skin and bones,  flea infested, anemic and Heartworm Positive he will have a long road to recovery and require medical treatment for months.  Honey's puppies who came to us from another Rescue who could not be transported as a result of her advanced pregnancy is a Puppy Mill discard. Her 3 Puppies are being hand raised and will require vaccines, neuter/spays and deworming before adopting out.  Then there is King George who came to us from Animal Control. He had Kennel Cough that turned into Pneumonia and he was hospitalized for days.   This is just a drop in the bucket of the expenses KPR incurs for the Pugs in Foster Care.

Please consider donating even 10.00 RIGHT NOW!   we need your have a chance to do something that counts...please step up and help. 
Additional ways to help KPR during this crisis:
Consider paying for your Foster Pug's Heartworm Preventative and Flea Control for the next 3 months. Believe it or not, this small
sacrifice adds up tremendously !
Please talk to the VET about writing Prescriptions for your Foster Pug and fill them at Walmart, Target, Kroger etc.
So many of the medications your Foster Pug requires can be dispensed much less expensively at a local retailer
for example  a bottle of antibiotics runs about 25-30.00 a bottle at some Vet offices. However at Target 6.00-9.00 and
that is a huge savings for KPR
Purchase a  PUGS ROCK Tshirt or Sweatshirt
Purchase a Pugopoly game                                     to purchase any of these items contact annie faircloth at
Purchase a 2011 KPR Fundraising Calendar
There are still Pugs out there that need KPR   it is so difficult to see the pictures we receive from the shelters and from owners needing our help. So many shelters are overflowing just like us...sadly though  they are faced with the decision of who lives and who dies. Please help us find a way to our doors again..   We want these Pugs to live and in so many cases, we ARE their LAST HOPE.

Amy Carpenter President
Annie Faircloth Vice President
William Lindsey Treasurer
Diane Lindsey Secretary
A House is NOT a home without a PUG!"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

PugTober Fest 2010

These pictures were taken at the PugTober Fest.  As you can see, Mama Red AKA "Grammy" and myself really racked up on the raffles and winded up taking home a total of 5 puggy approved gift baskets and 1 other puggy approved raffle prize.  Needless to say, my trio of pugs had an early Christmas when we came home, as demonstrated by their enthusiasm in the attached pictures.  That was my gift to Mason and Lily, for leaving them at home all day while we took Miss Wrigley to the event.

You see, I take Wrigley to the events each year because she's our only actual KPR rescue dog, and I like for the board members and other volunteers to see that she is still doing good and is being well taken care of.  And yesterday was no exception to everyone making a fuss over Wrigley's cuteness and preciousness!  We used to try and take all 3 of them, but it just became to be too much; so the least I can do for them when I go is try to win them some raffles, which we succeeded in yesterday!!!

Some of these pictures contain the pug-pen, or some of the dogs currently available for adoption.  Look through the pictures and consider changing a pug's life forever.  They are all so precious and just so wanting and needing of your love and attention.  You can check out all available for adoption @  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Fall Festival of Pugs

Boy I tell ya... It sure is the month for pugs!!!  Our annual Pug Birthday party was this past Saturday, October 2nd; Miss Lily's 4th birthday is coming up October 8th; and the annual PugTober Fest is this upcoming Saturday, October 9th in Shepherdsville, Ky.  I've attached some pictures of the birthday party, which as you can probably tell, was a blast!!  The pugs had so much fun eating their birthday cake, but not as much fun as the humans had eating and getting together for fellowship!  I would like to thank Mama Red and Aunt B for taking and providing the calendar-worthy pug pictures shown here!!  Our babies sure are hams!!  And little Levi the yorkie obviously gets confused about what breed he actually is, but that's okay because the pugs accept him as one of their own!!

Hope you all have marked your calendars to come out to the PugTober Fest @ Paroquet Springs Conference Center right off I-65 Shepherdsville exit this Saturday, Oct 9th from 9:00 to 4:00.  It's a fun event, and a great way to show your support to KPR and animal rescue in general!  Don't forget to bring your furry friend.  Also, KPR is getting new dogs in daily that need adopting and/or fostering.  These dogs find their way to KPR through no fault of their own.  Their owners simply decided to stop loving them.  How sad is that?  But how happy is it to know that YOU could be the one to make a difference in these pugs' lives?  If you have questions about adopting and/or fostering, you can comment to this post and/or go to and find the appropriate information there.  You can also view the pugs currently available for adoption, but you can only view available dogs for fostering if you are an APPROVED foster parent.  At no obligation to you, you can simply fill out the fostering application and become approved, and then you receive emails announcing a new dog's availabiliy for fostering.  You get to decide whether that dog interests you or not to foster before you commit to fostering.  It's a great way to be selective in the dogs you choose to foster.  You can also help KPR out by donating, which you can also find a link for @ I hope you have a great day and hope to see you this Saturday!!!!