Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Submit your Tasty Treat Recipes

So.. the pugs' annual birthday party is coming up October 2nd.  Yes- we do have a birthday party in honor of our dogs each year.  It's not just a simple affair either; it's a big to-do with much needed planning and coordination.  Picking the date for the event only requires common logic: we have the party the Saturday inbetween Mason and Lily's birthdays, since they fall roughly 2 wks apart (i.e. Mason: September 26th, 2006; Lily: October 8th, 2006).  Not only do we celebrate Mason and Lily's birthday, but sissy Annie, who shares Lily's birthday, comes for the party as well!  And just to wrap it all into one solid date, we go ahead and put Wrigley's name on the cake too!  Yes- we do order specially prepared, dog friendly ingredient(s) birthday cake for our pugs one day a year.  If you know anything about pugs and their tendencies towards obesity, you can imagine how thankful a group of pugs are for birthday cake.

Those in attendance are usually close family and friends, but this can become a number as high as thirty people!!  Therefore, the creation of finger foods require much of my attention in preparation for the party.  I try to spice it up each year and prepare different things.  This year I'm asking for you to submit your favorite appetizer recipe to this post, all taste buds welcome!

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  1. Saurkraut/Sausage Dip
    1 Can of Saurkraut
    1 - 8oz box of cream cheese
    1 lb of sausage

    Fry your sausage first and drain the greese, and place into a crock pot your saurkraut and cream cheese with the sausage.

    You can serve with Ritz Crackers or Tostitos Chips.

    If you desire more saurkraut you can possibly use two cans if your party is more then 10 people.

    Hope you enjoy!