Friday, October 29, 2010

Good as Gold

A recent email from KPR states an amazing way and opportunity to help the rescue out without having to do much at all~~ Please read on for details...... This could help out tremendously!!
Is Your PUG as GOOD as GOLD to YOU??!!!!
We are sure the answer is YES!!!
As you all know KPR is in need of funds to continue providing medical care
for the 150-160 Foster Pugs in our Rescue. Additionally, we are trying to raise
money that will allow us to Re-open our doors to Pugs in need.
Here is a great way YOU can help!!! Go thru your jewelry box, dresser drawer
or dish on your dresser and see if there is ANY old jewelry you no longer want!
It does not matter if it is in need of repair it could still be potentially valuable!
Be sure to ask friends, family and co-workers!!
Another Man/Womans Junk Jewelry is Another PUGS medication, surgery and more!!!
If you have any items to donate, please send them to
PO Box 22697
Louisville, KY 40252-0697
A designated KPR Volunteer will then take the items to a "Cash For Gold" location
to sell and the proceeds will go back to the PUGS of KPR !!!
The Deadline for us to receive your items is Nov 30th.
Please look around..surely there is something you no longer need, want or wear!!
if you are interested please go to our website to complete
a Foster Application!


  1. Jetty, I am the proud owner of two pugs. A year ago, the company I work for (through me) donated a group of things for a raffle for the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, but we never received notice they were received... I am so saddened to hear that the rescue has shut it's doors to new rescues and is in such dire straits. I wish there was more I could do to help.

  2. I would love to see your pugs!! Maybe you can post pictures?? You can volunteer by going to the main page at Even if it's just volunteering by working tables and booths at their events, they would appreciate all the help they could get. Also.. spreading the word to everyone in the market for a pet is a great way of helping! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.. Introduce it to others so I can get more followers.. The more the word gets out, the more animals possibly saved!!