Sunday, October 10, 2010

PugTober Fest 2010

These pictures were taken at the PugTober Fest.  As you can see, Mama Red AKA "Grammy" and myself really racked up on the raffles and winded up taking home a total of 5 puggy approved gift baskets and 1 other puggy approved raffle prize.  Needless to say, my trio of pugs had an early Christmas when we came home, as demonstrated by their enthusiasm in the attached pictures.  That was my gift to Mason and Lily, for leaving them at home all day while we took Miss Wrigley to the event.

You see, I take Wrigley to the events each year because she's our only actual KPR rescue dog, and I like for the board members and other volunteers to see that she is still doing good and is being well taken care of.  And yesterday was no exception to everyone making a fuss over Wrigley's cuteness and preciousness!  We used to try and take all 3 of them, but it just became to be too much; so the least I can do for them when I go is try to win them some raffles, which we succeeded in yesterday!!!

Some of these pictures contain the pug-pen, or some of the dogs currently available for adoption.  Look through the pictures and consider changing a pug's life forever.  They are all so precious and just so wanting and needing of your love and attention.  You can check out all available for adoption @  

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