Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Pugtastic Plan

Let me start by saying I am not a blogger.  I am actually one of those individuals who often make comments about the oddities of those who do blog... "they must have no life if they have nothing better to do than keep others informed of their every move" or "it takes a certain kind of person to think others actually care about a 24/7 run-down of their daily agenda."  If that is the type of blog you are looking for on my blogspot, I'll spare you the heartbreak and tell you now that you might as well leave.  This blogspot was born out of an idea to promote a very important and special cause that is near and dear to me and my family (you will meet them in due time). 

This blog is for all of those who have ever had, owned, loved, rescued, adopted, and/or lost a pet.  If you have ever experienced the mixture of sadness and joy that accompany any of these actions you understand how important our pets can become to us as human beings.  Pet owners understand and can appreciate the fact that our pets can read our emotions and feelings better sometimes than those closest to us, or that our pets can sometimes cheer us up at the end of the day when no one else quite can.  There is a special type of bond that links all pet lovers together in a realm of understanding.  I never realized how powerful that connection was until I became a pet owner myself.

This blog is about my story into puggy motherhood.  But whether you have pugs, another type of dog, or even a pet snake, I hope you will find and read things here that you can relate to and that make you smile- from one pet owner to the next.  I invite all posts of any feedback, opinions, advice, pet stories, etc. at all times on my blog.  Along with fun stories and pictures, my second purpose in this blog will also be addressed.  That purpose is promoting and emphasizing the importance of pet rescues, and in my particular case, the importance of the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and its significance in my own life.  Animals are dying daily.  Shelters are full.  Dogs are being euthanized.  Pugs are being dumped out of the car by their owners and left on the sides of roads, blind and confused.  We CAN help.  I hope that you will read and see through my own experience and the experience of others the joy in rescuing a pet, or at least encouraging someone to do so.

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