Friday, August 27, 2010

Let everyone meet your Furry Friend

You've just read my introduction story of Mason.  Now it's your turn to tell all readers your story into pet parenthood.  Introduce your pet or pet(s) to us and leave a picture if you'd like!  We'd love to see them!

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  1. I can remember it just like it was yesterday the day my life changed and my heart was open to a new love I had never experienced. It was Labor Day (September 1st, 2008) and dad and I were riding around and had to go to a farm to take pictures of it because we were selling it at Auction in a couple of weeks. As we got done taking the pictures of the farm we drove over to the seller’s house who was a dog breeder. I had not known this until we got to his house and saw the cutest blonde Yorkie named Adam run around the yard. I was so curious to see them all….all the puppies. As I entered the building I heard all the barking and crying and saw little fur balls everywhere. Little Yorkies! I had wanted a dog and at the time I had a house cat and had been considering getting a small dog. My heart was set on a Maltese. I was determined I wanted a small white dog. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs, but I never had been around Yorkies, and just didn’t know what to expect. Well while I was checking out all the puppies in the building….Dad said “you want one don’t ya?” My reply of course was “YES”, but I knew I didn’t have time to take care of one, because of school and work and a social life. I knew the hardships of house training a puppy, the attention they need, and of course upkeep, but when I held one of them all that stuff didn’t matter. I knew I wanted one. There were maybe 5-6 small puppies running around that were for sale. I hadn’t picked one out yet. I liked the one that was barking a lot, but if he is barking this much now just think about when he got home. LOL! So we ended up leaving the puppies and headed home without one. I got to thinking and dad and I of course talked it over. So as I got back to the house I had made my decision. I wanted a puppy! So we picked mom up and ended up going to Wal-Mart to pick up all the necessities that I would need; food, toys, shampoo, collar, leash, treats, and a crate. I had so much excitement and joy when I was shopping for my new addition. We went back to the breeder’s house and I told him I was interested in one of his puppies. So as I went back to the small building where all the puppies were….one just caught my eye. He was stand offish, very shy, setting in the corner and from that moment then I knew he was the one. I had always liked biblical names and Levi was a name that I liked a lot so that was not a hard decision at all. Levi was born June 10th, 2008. He is such a ham right now…he loves attention, his greenies and his best friends Mason, Lily & Wrigley. He loves to go visit Miss Judy every few weeks to get groomed and he loves to wear clothes and go riding in the car with me. No matter what size of a dog or cat it is..Levi doesn’t care in his eyes they are all the same to him. Makes me love him that much more. In his eyes everyone is the same.